My sweet one.

Come rest in my lap. Come and weep in my arms. I will sweep you off your feet with my love for you. And we will dance… like you have never danced before. Come, I will sing you a lullaby… one that I wrote just for you. All your worries and fears will fade away.

My daughter do you trust me? For I am your creator and I work all things for good.

Don’t worry my sweet one. I don’t like to see you hurting. Every tear you cry, I catch in my hand. I’m here my dear. I’m right here.

I know how many hairs are on that beautiful head. I know every crazy dream of yours. I count each delicate breath you take. Why? Because I’m amazed by you. I’m amazed by your faithfulness, your zeal for life, your love for the broken. I’m so proud, so honored to call you mine.

It’s okay, you can go. You can go and venture out and try to find your own way. Just know that I will always be here whenever you need to be reminded how much I cherish you. My arms will always be open to you, my feet– always ready for a dance, my voice– always ready to sing your song.

So please my sweet one, don’t run anymore. Just rest. Come abide in my love for you.


My time.

Being the daughter of leaders, I always thought that I would be my parents right hand girl. Until now. I’ve finally realized that I can impact the world as much as, if not more than my parents.

Already in 2015 I’ve had several people come to me saying that this is my year, this is the year i’m going to EXPLODE. And I thought they were all crazy. I wanted to say “I think you have the wrong person”. Until today. I realized that no.. They were right. This is my year.

I realized that I honor my father and mother more when I finally realize and start walking in who I am, not following in their footprints.

Their desire for me is to surpass them and build upon what they have laid within  me.

So now I’m going to start seeking out and acting on opportunities that come my way. I will not let them pass me by.

I am a beautiful, crazy loved Queen.

He calls me beautiful, he calls me worthy, he calls me loved. So that’s what I am.

He says to me: “How beautiful you are, my darling,                
How beautiful you are!…” Song of Solomon 1:15

The first step is realizing and recognizing that I am a daughter of the king, the next step… Living it.

It’s one thing to call yourself a queen, it’s another thing to actually walk and live as one.

A queen doesn’t seek attention, she knows she is beautiful and rests in that. She doesn’t question if people love or accept her, she rests in the fact that her Father loves her, and for her- that’s enough. She doesn’t have to prove herself to anyone, her father already trusts and believes in who she is.

A queen’s father listens when she speaks, because mighty power and beautiful healing come out of her mouth. She grabs the kings attention without even trying. Her, simply walking as who she is, a queen, brings a proud Father to tears. He rejoices in the fact that she has finally realized something that he has known all along.

So it’s time to call out and respond to the king and queen in you.

How will you respond? I choose to respond with “I am yours Father. Your beloved, faithful, worthy daughter.”

I’m Coming Out of Hiding.

I’m free falling into the arms of my love. He’s been calling me, reaching for me. Now.. I’m ready to respond.

I’m ready to let go of my reputation and my past knowledge of You and let YOU teach me about You. I want to relearn You. Relearn Your heart. I am ready to dive into Your ocean of endless grace and affection.

I know that I will be safe in Your arms. I’m not even scared. I know that You have my back. I know that You hold my heart so close to Yours.

I don’t want to go a day without smelling the scent of You, talking about Your beauty, or resting in Your presence. I’m all in now.

Thank you for being such a faithful friend. You have been waiting for me to get to this point. You haven’t given up your pursuit for me, for my heart. Thank you.

I won’t wait another day to spread You. I won’t hold You back any longer.

Here He comes out of me world.. I hope you’re ready.

I’m gonna spread His Love

We need to show the world who we are crazy about, who we love, who we adore. We need to show the world how much we love our father. Us showing the world our crazy passionate love for him will stir something in them. It will shake their souls, their spirits. Our love for our father will shake nations, change nations.

So rise up sons, rise up daughters. Let’s show the world with all we have how much we love him.

Let’s show them by how we walk. How we talk. How we love one another. Let’s show this love with every bone in our bodies.

Let’s explode with praise for our father. I want everyone to know how much the father loves them because of me. Because of the hug I give them, because of the word I give them. I want to be the reason the world knows his love.