I’m Coming Out of Hiding.

I’m free falling into the arms of my love. He’s been calling me, reaching for me. Now.. I’m ready to respond.

I’m ready to let go of my reputation and my past knowledge of You and let YOU teach me about You. I want to relearn You. Relearn Your heart. I am ready to dive into Your ocean of endless grace and affection.

I know that I will be safe in Your arms. I’m not even scared. I know that You have my back. I know that You hold my heart so close to Yours.

I don’t want to go a day without smelling the scent of You, talking about Your beauty, or resting in Your presence. I’m all in now.

Thank you for being such a faithful friend. You have been waiting for me to get to this point. You haven’t given up your pursuit for me, for my heart. Thank you.

I won’t wait another day to spread You. I won’t hold You back any longer.

Here He comes out of me world.. I hope you’re ready.


One thought on “I’m Coming Out of Hiding.

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