I am a beautiful, crazy loved Queen.

He calls me beautiful, he calls me worthy, he calls me loved. So that’s what I am.

He says to me: “How beautiful you are, my darling,                
How beautiful you are!…” Song of Solomon 1:15

The first step is realizing and recognizing that I am a daughter of the king, the next step… Living it.

It’s one thing to call yourself a queen, it’s another thing to actually walk and live as one.

A queen doesn’t seek attention, she knows she is beautiful and rests in that. She doesn’t question if people love or accept her, she rests in the fact that her Father loves her, and for her- that’s enough. She doesn’t have to prove herself to anyone, her father already trusts and believes in who she is.

A queen’s father listens when she speaks, because mighty power and beautiful healing come out of her mouth. She grabs the kings attention without even trying. Her, simply walking as who she is, a queen, brings a proud Father to tears. He rejoices in the fact that she has finally realized something that he has known all along.

So it’s time to call out and respond to the king and queen in you.

How will you respond? I choose to respond with “I am yours Father. Your beloved, faithful, worthy daughter.”


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