My time.

Being the daughter of leaders, I always thought that I would be my parents right hand girl. Until now. I’ve finally realized that I can impact the world as much as, if not more than my parents.

Already in 2015 I’ve had several people come to me saying that this is my year, this is the year i’m going to EXPLODE. And I thought they were all crazy. I wanted to say “I think you have the wrong person”. Until today. I realized that no.. They were right. This is my year.

I realized that I honor my father and mother more when I finally realize and start walking in who I am, not following in their footprints.

Their desire for me is to surpass them and build upon what they have laid within  me.

So now I’m going to start seeking out and acting on opportunities that come my way. I will not let them pass me by.


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