My sweet one.

Come rest in my lap. Come and weep in my arms. I will sweep you off your feet with my love for you. And we will dance… like you have never danced before. Come, I will sing you a lullaby… one that I wrote just for you. All your worries and fears will fade away.

My daughter do you trust me? For I am your creator and I work all things for good.

Don’t worry my sweet one. I don’t like to see you hurting. Every tear you cry, I catch in my hand. I’m here my dear. I’m right here.

I know how many hairs are on that beautiful head. I know every crazy dream of yours. I count each delicate breath you take. Why? Because I’m amazed by you. I’m amazed by your faithfulness, your zeal for life, your love for the broken. I’m so proud, so honored to call you mine.

It’s okay, you can go. You can go and venture out and try to find your own way. Just know that I will always be here whenever you need to be reminded how much I cherish you. My arms will always be open to you, my feet– always ready for a dance, my voice– always ready to sing your song.

So please my sweet one, don’t run anymore. Just rest. Come abide in my love for you.


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