It was broken, it was scared, it was hopeful, it was Beautiful.

Yesterday during worship I physically watched the face of a human transform into the face of my Father. It was broken, it was scared, it was hopeful, it was Beautiful.

Through her, he showed me his heart. He showed me how his heart is broken for us, hopeful for us, and SO beautiful.  I was truly wrecked. He then said to me today, “Welcome to my heart Maddie, welcome to my heart. I’ve been waiting for you.” Talk about crying. To hear Him say to me “I’ve been waiting for you,” was the most beautiful and most humbling thing I have ever heard. Me? He’s been waiting for me? YES– He’s waiting for all His children to experience and feel his tangible love and affection for each of us.

In seeing the Father’s heart in a human showed me how real, how genuine, how loving he is towards each one of us. It made me realize how much thought, how much time, and how much grace he had when he thought about every one of his loves.

So don’t miss these precious moments. Don’t be too busy to miss the moments he shows himself to you through your brothers and sisters. I almost missed mine and man, I am glad I didn’t.


“I am your best resource” – Jesus

“When you’re tired, come rest on me.

When you’re angry, come vent to me.

When you’re hurt, come cry to me.

When you’re happy, come running to me.

When you feel like you can’t possibly go on anymore, come feel my heartbeat and become one with it.

When you’ve forgotten who you are, come ask me to remind you.

I know life can be hard. That’s why I made sure you didn’t have to do it alone. That’s why I made Koinonia. Look around you– there’s so many people who care about you… not to mention my affection for you.

I want you to talk to me. I want to spend time with you. I want to be a part of your everyday. So please, my favorite one, don’t forget the one who created you. Don’t forget that I am here. I love you more then you will ever know.

You biggest fan,